What we do at Centipod

For years, we at Centipod have been delivering enterprise-grade quality and software consulting services to global enterprise, as well as small and medium businesses, and national and regional governments. At Centipod, we take pride in everything we do and only accept those assignments where we are convinced we can add value with our specific skills and experience.

From offices in The Netherlands and South Africa, Centipod provides services to customers all over the world. The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, Malaysia, India and South Africa.


FlowMastr is a static code analysis (SCA) software with customisable configuration-driven validation policies.

Taking control of your technical debt and overall code quality will provide a fast ROI as production code will have fewer incidents and maintenance will be more efficient.

Measuring not only technical code quality but also code convention compliance, package and service dependencies, deprecations and third-party library licensing, FlowMastr provides you a means to have full visibility of your overall codebase quality.


DataFeedr is a file integration platform that enables you to rapidly create file integrations. These robust integrations can reliably and securely process data files of any size, type or format.

All file management and pre-processing tasks are configuration-driven for all use cases handling CSV files, SAP IDOCs, or any other XML, plain text or binary file, with sizes from 1KB to 1TB and beyond.

The performance and capacity of DataFeedr is only restricted by the underlying infrastructure resources and governed by the configurations you define.


Centipod consulting services provide ad-hoc project-based support to organisations providing strategy advice and support on technological innovation and data quality initiatives.

Our extensive expertise focuses on these topics, amongst others:

  • Strategic technology advisory
  • Enterprise and business integration
  • Enterprise architecture (TOGAF)
  • Solution architecture
  • Data quality


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